Siding Spring Observatories

17-20 June 2000 (Saturday-Tuesday)

From 17 to 20 June, I have been to Siding Spling Observatory to study about APT (The Automated Patrol Telescope). Unfortunately I could have just a short time of fine sky and could have a look of only a blink of observation. Michael Ashley and Andre Phillips have worked on APT and I could help them a little to orgnize cables.

APT site was quite good; it was far better than I had supposed though it was so messy because of mice that I was surprized.


The Way to Siding Spring Observatories

Mopra Rock

Mopra Telescope

APT (The Automated Patrol Telescope)

I really wanted to take pictures of APT but I could not have chance. Instead, please have a look of official pictures which are in APT home page. I think these are far better than that I would have taken.

Slide set 1
Slide set 2
Slide set 3
Slide set 4

Scenic of Blue Mountain National Park

Scenic of Warrumbungle National Park