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Individual Road Bike Time Traial Race

30 Sep. 2000 (Saturday)

It was a day of Individual Road Bike Time Traial Race, today!!

The course was as almost same as that of Road Race last Wednesday. But, the course of this time was shortened cutting off the course around Bronte Beach where was very hilly and exhausting. It was 15.6km and athletes went around it 2 laps (31.2km) for women and 3 laps (46.8km) for men. The athletes took about 20 minutes to lap the course.

No sooner I arrive at Centennial Park than I headed to the point I had planed to take pictures. It was a mid of the park where two route of the course get so close that I could watch athletes very well. I tried to take pictures at the point, however, the athletes rode so fast that my stupid digital camera could not focus on them quickly. I could not take many pictures there. I stayed there for about an hour watching athletes and trying to take pictures of them. Finally, I decided to change the point. I headed another point where I would be able to take pictures more easily since athletes ride rather slow because of a curve of the course. It was already past 15:00. And I saw Jan Ullrich riding!! Oh my god!! The competition was going finish soon before I took many good pictures. (;_;) Fortunatelly, I could took pictures of Jan Ullrich and Lance Armstrong.(^^) Lance Armstrong passed just 1m in front of me ... I'm very happy. @^^@ I could only 13 fictures after all.

Pictures of Medalist
Jan Ullrich (Germany, Silver)
Lance Armstrong (U.S.A, Bronze)

Other Athletes