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Men's Individual Road Bike Race

27 Sep. 2000 (Wednesday)

It was a day of Men's Individual Road Bike Race, today!!

The course was 17.1km and athletes went around it 14 laps; the athleteas would come out to ride over 239km in total. The athletes took about 23 minutes to lap the course, so, it would be six hours to finish the race. The course was really tough and hilly. I didn't feel ride it even once.(^^;

I took some pictures walking along the course. After taking about 20 pictures, I realized that there should be "Mr Devil" around the course. So, I decided to walk around, find him out and take some pictures of him. I headed to the middle of the park since I saw him on TV there cheering Women's Road Race yesterday. Though I couldn't find him the point, I could find hid on a hill of the park. He was very famous and everybody knew. It didn't take even a minute until he was cought and asked to take pictures. He stopped and smiled to people kindfully every time. No sooner he saw a TV camera than he started frolicking about in front of the camera. He was funny!(^^) I followed him so that I could take his pictures cheering athletes. After walking about ten minutes, I could take good picture of him.(^^) Thanks Mr Devil!!

As time went by, it became hotter. I could watch athletes three times every lap if I moved a point to others quickly. It was a bit hard because I had to run sometimes. I wanted to see famous athletes by person, but, I couldn't. Because 1) I was very busy to take pictures (^^;;, 2) they were really fast and it was very difficult to find out athletes I knew.


Centennial Park

Mr Devil

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