New Zealand
(27/03/2005 - 04/04/2005)

大学院を終了して VISAも切れかかっているので、しばしNZへ逃亡する事にした。 ついでなので、久しぶりに Tim McCallum にも会えたら良いな。

Sydney from the Sky
take off! the city my favorite
Palm Beach
La Perouse、
Royal National Park

Sky in NZ

the great view from Tim's house the red light turns on when you reserve crossing by pushing the button
Tim's house
the lunch ~NZ$7.00 (29/03) home made pizza (29/03) Norika, Meg and Tim
miserable weather (30/03) Norika gave them to me for snack.

Botanic Garden (Wellington)

From Wellington to Auckland

The City of Auckland
the quay A muffin and
an Italian coffee
I can't give them up!

What the ...
nice to see Japanese ....
as always Indian for a dinner
It was too mild for me.
I found a good pie shop!!
taking a CM on streets
happy time ....

The Nghts of Auckland

The Sky of Auckland

Mt Eden
the crater
movie 7.09MB movie 6.81MB movie 6.31MB movie 6.54MB

The Domain (Auckland)