F1 Triathlon in Manly 2001

3 Feb. 2001 (Saturday)

I have been Manly Beach to watch a triathlon competition called "F1" since Yoko wrote me e-mail that it would be held today. Actually, it's first time that I watch a triathlon game.

I woke up a bit late, at around 09:00, and left our flat about 15 minutes before 10:00. I rode to Manly taking about one hour because it was head wind and very strong. There were many people wating the start of women's race when I arrive Manly. I looked at beach thinking that waves were very rough because of hard wind. I saw somebosy's waving when I was just looking the sea without thinking, and I realized it was Yoko. "Oh, I could meet her!! Lucky!!" She was a kind of media today because she has been a reporter of a magazine "Triathlon Japan." She looked a bit busy for gathering race information and weather condition and taking interview from athletes.

Just after meeting Yoko I met Pablo and I watched games, both Women's and Men's, with him. The cource was very compact. The swim cource was just on the beach and the running and biking cource was, I think, 500m long closing a part of a road. The competition consisted of two session: run(2km), bike(7km) and swim(300m) for first session and swim(300m), bike(7km) and run(2km) for second session. The game was very speedy and exiting!! The competetion seemed very tough, especially swiming because of very rough wave. I took many pictures. However, since I didn't think about memory of Smart Card, I took about 90 pictures of Women's and only about 30 of Men's. And I could not take good pictures because of crowd.

I could watch many top triathletes around the world. I could talk with Kiyomi Niwata who had been a Olympic Athlete of Japan for Sydney Olympic. "Oh,...just great!!!" And I could watch Hideo Fukui who also had been a Olympic Athlete of Japan for Sydney Olympic though I could not talk to him. They were just too great!!! I met a girl who was also a triathlete doing training in Queensland. Oh, I'm very sorry I can't remember her name although I remember her charming smile. I think she is also a something.

After watching triathlon games, I just came back to hme. Though I wanted to say good-bye to Yoko&Pablo, I could not find them after I lost them. I'm so sorry.