100 Year Annivesary of Australia

01 Jan. 2001 (Monday)

I was not going to see a celebration in Centennial Park today, snce I was at school for all day. However, Since Michael Ashley said that the celebration would star at around 8:00pm, I came up to see it after finishing school at about 6:00pm. After I came back home and had diner a bit, I headed to the park. On the way to the park, I saw many people coming back from the park. I just wondered if the ceremony had already finished. I acrossed the park to get to a point the celebration would be held. Though I ride bike almost everyday in the park, I could find many unusuals.

As I got close to the point the number of people got incresed and numbers of people were already in front of a huge monitor! I watched the ceremony for about an hour and took many pictures. However, the most pictures were out of focus since it was too dark.

I heard later that a parade was also held in day time before the celebration in the park. And a concert was held after I came back to home. I should have stayed there a bit longer.

Centennial Celebration

Senic of Centennial Park